Cannabis Pesticide Testing

Caligreen Laboratory utilizes cutting-edge technology, methodology, and instrumentation to conduct accurate pesticide testing for medical cannabis products. This ensures that cannabis plants are free from contaminants and safe for human consumption. By identifying trace levels of hazardous compounds used during cultivation, we prioritize the well-being of consumers.

What Are Pesticides?

Pesticides are chemicals used to control and destroy pests. They are widely used in agriculture, forestry, horticulture, human health and domestic situations. Pesticides can be natural or synthetic substances that include insecticides, fungicides, herbicides and rodenticides.

When it comes to human consumption and public health, pesticides are a major cause for concern. Exposure to pesticides can result in potential health risks such as skin rashes, respiratory issues, headaches and other serious problems. Therefore, regulations regarding the allowable levels of pesticide residues in cannabis food crops, cannabis edibles, and medical cannabis products.

Cannabis Pesticide Testing Services Include

  • Screening and identification of targeted pesticides in all cannabis product matrix, including but not limited to edibles, topicals, oils/concentrates, infusions, and flowers.
  • Evaluation of unknown compounds utilizing LC-MS/MS techniques.
  • Identification and quantitation of natural terpenes present in the sample. We are committed to setting the standard for pesticide analysis and providing a comprehensive analysis of all cannabis products.

Benefits of Cannabis Pesticide Testing

When it comes to testing for pesticide in your cannabis, it is a matter of health, safety, and mandatory testing requirements. All of our efforts go towards ensuring that we meet or exceed industry standards for mandatory cannabis testing and cannabis regulations. We are committed to setting the highest standard for cannabis pesticide testing and providing a comprehensive analysis of all products.

Do Other States Have Different Cannabis Regulations?

While California has established maximum residue limit (MRL) for certain pesticides, other states such as Oregon have set their own regulations. The Oregon Health Authority (OHA) has developed a process for registering the use of illegal cannabis pesticides, which includes submitting sample to an accredited laboratory for testing. By partnering with Caligreen Laboratory, you can rest assured that your products will meet Oregon Health Authority’s Process and avoid costly recalls.

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